Your Experience Pittsburgh

At the Premier Surgery Center of Pittsburgh, every patient is treated with first-class service. From scheduling to discharge, we provide personal attention to make sure your entire surgical center experience is easy and comfortable. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing you fast, efficient service to expedite check-in and discharge as well as Medicare and insurance paperwork.

The Premier Surgery Center of Pittsburgh offers three private surgical suites and semi-private pre and post operative recovery rooms with constant monitoring. Our safe and effective anesthesia administered by board-certified anesthesiologists allows our patients to recover faster and return to moderate activities with ease.

Our contemporary environment offers privacy and comfort for you and your waiting family member. Our professional designers have given attention to every detail with exceptional features you won’t find anywhere else including exclusive linens, soft robes, and much more to create the ultimate patient experience.

“Much better than hospital outpatient procedures. There was no waiting, minimal paperwork, and I was back to normal activities faster.”